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Waste Vegetable Oil
Recycling & Refining

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We are located in Pollock Pines, California USA

  Cheap oil – You have to be kidding???

Factor in the subsidies to the oil companies, the health and environmental risks of our continued dependence on fossil fuel, the cost of the oil war in Iraq and national security issues and you have a product that is really quite expensive. 

Plant based fuels such as veg oil and ethanol may not be the BEST answer.  However, if a country such as Brazil can fuel their transportation infrastructure on home grown ethanol why the delay in managing our own addiction to foreign oil? 

We are all well aware of the connection of oil profits to the tragedy of 9-11 and the ongoing financial support to extremists groups.  Why do we continue to depend on imported oil when we are the third largest producer of petroleum on the planet?

Researchers agree that using vegetable oil has two positive effects. One is to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere, compared with making fuel from crude oil. The other is to reduce oil imports and the pressure on oil prices.

We can find an alternative that is sustainable, creates domestic employment opportunities, is affordable and environmentally friendly.  We just lack the political will.

Tired of the messy and time    consuming task of refining your waste oil?      

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